The Colours of Autumn

There are very few deciduous trees on Tiree. The normal mainland indicators of autumn are missing. There are no golds, yellows or reds, no conkers and no leaves to kick. Island Colours of Autumn However, the yellow irises are preparing for their winter repose. Their green leaves are turning brown as they die back. Very […]

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Hot And Humid

This morning. ‘Hot and humid, sticky and sultry.’ These are not words often associated with Tiree. As if to prove it the weather sock is hanging limp at the pier. The air is still, the sea is calm and the sun has not yet broken through. This was life on Tiree as we walked by […]

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Autumn Glory

It is great to be back home on Tiree, having spent two weeks away on the Mainland, first of all to join in a family 40th Birthday celebration, and secondly to attend the Baptist Union of Scotland Assembly. Our trip took us first of all to Falkirk, then south to Thame in Oxfordshire, then across […]

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36 Hours +

Monday begins with a beautiful, colourful sky Looking south towards Jura is inspiring. We open the curtains to this view. For about 45 minutes the sky is like an artist’s palette. To think this is the view over breakfast. Porridge with a difference. Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger pictures. Soon reds give way to […]

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Seal Mates

What a bright, even warm, autumn day. Sky and sea are magnificent shades of blue. A day to take a walk along Balinoe (Soroby) Beach. As we walk down onto the beach to our right is the crofting township of Balemartine, and further along the coastline is the township of Mannal while straight ahead, on […]

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The Going Down of the Sun

November provides an opportunity to look back and reflect on the summer that has just gone. Here on Tiree, along with  the rest of the country, summer was late in arriving. Whether it was in the garden or on the machair flowers were a month to six weeks behind. On the island it has felt that summer began […]

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Autumn Cruise

After the stormy weather of the past two days, we could never have anticipated the calm crossing we experienced today. With no ferry for the past two days, we left Tiree at least 20 minutes late due to the volume of traffic. The sun was shining and it was like a summer’s day. As we […]

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– Summer in October –

Daylight hours may be shorter, with sunrise at 8:03 and sunset at 18:21, but there is still warmth in the air. The common comment is that we had no Summer to speak of, but we have had a great Autumn.  Little wonder today’s sailing to Oban had the air of a cruise with many passengers […]

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– Technicolour Tiree –

Today has been a reminder that right on your doorstep are sights to behold. From early morning to the setting sun colour has characterised ‘Life on Tiree’. From our south facing windows we looked out on the Paps of Jura While a short walk to the pier barely an hour after sunrise was stunning. This […]

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Homeward Bound

Having spent just over a week away from our island home, our return journey began with a berth on the Caledonian Sleeper which crosses the borders about 5:30am and arrives in Glasgow Central Station at 7:20am. After a hearty helping of porridge we keep an appointment in Glasgow, before making our way to the Buchanan […]

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