Sunset on a Memorable Day

On the 14th of February, 2016, the Baptist Church on Tiree met at their newly renovated premises at Baugh to give God thanks and to dedicate the church building to be used for His honour and glory. (Mouse-over for captions – Double-click for larger pictures) For our family visitors it was their last whole day […]

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Make Hay

Make hay while the sun shines. Very difficult for there has been very little growth due to the lack of warmth in the air and very little sunshine either so it could be a very hard winter for many of the island’s crofters. With the sun out today it was take photographs while you can. Having […]

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My Help Comes From

This evening we set out for a home close to the Moor Road and as we travelled west we marvelled at the high tide, the cloud effect over the Passage of Tiree and the vista in front of us.  The aim of the evening was to build one another up as we shared God’s Word […]

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The Spring Weather Yo-Yo

The Weather Yo-Yo that is spring has brought bright sunshine to the island today, even if the south easterly breeze still has a chill in it. With crocuses beginning to open their heads to the sun, it really does begin to feel as if spring has sprung. Of course this begs the question, “Which ‘spring? […]

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Tiree: Spoilt for Choice

On a day of glorious sunshine you are spoilt for choice because there are just so many beaches to choose from. Although sometimes it is impossible to avoid returning on the road you set out on, I much prefer to return by a different route. This can be challenging on an island no longer than […]

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Catching the Sunset

This evening I took the long way home in order to catch the sunset. The above photograph was taken at Balephetrish on one side of the island and the photographs below were taken at Gott Bay on the other side of the island. The drive took less than ten minutes. Click on the photographs for a […]

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Wakening to Bright Sunshine

Wakening to bright sunshine, we have breakfast earlier than might be normal for a Sunday morning. Our guests who have travelled all the way from Wiveliscombe in Somerset, where we used to live, are staying with us for the week. Together we set out for An Talla, the Community Hall at Crossapol. On the way […]

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