Swell Tiree

Due to swell conditions the 15:15 sailing from Castlebay to Oban was delayed and the consequence of this decision is that this evening’s sailing from Tiree to Coll and is cancelled. Although the above view of the pier is bright and sunny there was a considerable swell running. For most of the previous evening and overnight the wind was gusting up […]

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Tiree: Haring About

This afternoon’s trip to Balephuil was in part to try and photograph’s the island’s famous hares. Balephuil proved successful last year so our wild life safari today. Although this is the month of the ‘Mad March Hare’, and we have seen several in recent days, we were at first disappointed. Then, just as we started […]

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Atlantic Roar

With warm sunshine and almost no wind, we headed west to Balephuil. On the way we met a friend for whom Balephuil held a very special place in their heart. If I am not wrong it is one of our son’s favourite places on the island. Even on a calm day like today, the sound […]

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Nut Brown Hare

“Guess How Much I Love You?” by McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram is one of my favourite children’s story books.  A publishing phenomenon, first published in 1984, it is the tale of  Little and Big Nutbrown Hare out-doing one another in their efforts to express their love to one another. The Isle of Tiree is […]

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