Secluded Sandaig

An exciting responsibility took us across Tiree to Sandaig. Sandaig lies at almost the opposite end of the island. It is one of Tiree’s 30 plus crofting townships. We have been to the township many times. It is the home base of  the renown Tiree Fitness. From here Tiree’s Ultra-Marathon is planned and organised. Our host’s […]

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An Evocative Scene

What an evocative scene. They were only about a hundred yards from shore.  When they got there, they found breakfast waiting for them— fish cooking over a charcoal fire, and some bread. Sunday’s wee blow lasted into the early hours of Monday. The day dawned bright, sunny and warm. What a contrast from the day before. […]

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East To West

East to West. West to East and East to West. Our visitors saw the length and breadth of the island. Thankfully it is dry and bright. Our guests are so looking forward to seeing Tiree. We head out West, stopping at Beachcomber for coffee and cake. Refreshed we stop for a panoramic view of Crossapol beach and […]

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TIREE: Blue Skies

With forecasters predicting more seasonal weather and temperatures, the day began with an intense shower, but soon dark skies gave way to warm blue. What a start to the month of October! Overhead the daily flight from Glasgow made its approach and the geese took fright and flight. At Crossapol those who enjoy water sports made […]

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Balevullin Beach

This afternoon Tiree sat in the midst of a wonderful panorama of the Hebridean Isles. Whatever direction you looked you could make out distant isles and even skerries. I could make out to the East – Mull and the Treshnish Isles, to the South – Jura, to the West – the Skerryvore Lighthouse, to the North […]

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