A West-End Walk

Saturday had been sunny – ideal walking weather. Sunday was the opposite – it was wild, wet and windy. In the early afternoon the gusts were recorded at 49mph. The sea was stormy. The tides were pronounced. However the Mighty Clansman won through. In the evening the wind abated. For a brief interlude the setting […]

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Calm After The Storm

It is hard to believe that just 24 hours ago Tiree was being assaulted by winds gusting up to 75mph.  For hour after hour (6-8 hours) the wind kept hammering the island with gusts over 60mph. The gable end flashing, holding the roof tiles of our home, suffered minor damage, but thankfully a temporary repair has been […]

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

We decided to make the most of these calm, crisp, bright days, even if daylight hours are greatly restricted. So it was that we set out for Beinn Mhurstat, part of the the modest ridge that includes Beinn Hough and Cnoc an Fhithich. On route to the start of our walk we were compelled to stop […]

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Tropical Tiree

From Sunrise to Sunset and beyond.  It has been a day when you sense that adjectives are inadequate to described what you have experienced. The sun that had painted the sky the evening before returned to paint the morning sky with breath-taking hues. The sun that had kissed the ‘Mighty Clansman’ goodnight welcomed the return of […]

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