. . . ‘I Spy’ . . . A game played by generations. Spotters’ guides written for British children, they were particularly successful in the 1950s and 1960s in their original form and again when relaunched by Michelin in 2009 after a seven-year gap in publishing. Tiree has its own popular series of spotter books […]

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Baugh A View

The crofting township of Baugh affords a truly beautiful outlook. The slight rise in the road gives an elevated view all round. A view that encompasses the neighbouring islands. Yes! Stop and Baugh a View. (Baugh pronounced Bag) Where else does a walk to the Doctor’s Surgery include such views? Views that take in the […]

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Spring Round Hough

Let’s go for a walk. Where shall we go today? Let’s walk round Ben Hough. The weather forecast is for good weather. Parking the car, there were clear views north towards Eigg and Rum. From Hough beach the view was towards the Outer Hebrides. Beinn Mhor on South Uist was impressive. Mousover for captions – double click […]

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An Island For All Seasons

Yesterday Tiree was the sunniest place in Strathclyde. It was a day when you needed sunglasses – Especially as the sun began to set. What a contrast today. With a driver to hand the decision was made to go east to Milton. Could we make it in time to photograph the ferry? The Passage of Tiree […]

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Start The Day

Before even drawing back the curtains the light entering the bedroom give a hint that this was going to be a dramatic sunrise and in no way did it prove a disappointment. The hints were so enticing that I had to see beyond the headland so in the early hours of Sunday morning I crossed over to the […]

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Snow Capped Bens

After yesterday’s snow fall Tiree is an island of two halves. While the east is almost snow free the West has a modest covering of snow. (For titles in galleries mouseover – for larger pictures double-click.) This morning you cannot miss Tiree’s ‘Beinns” while Ben Hough is almost snow free both Ben Hynish and Kenavara […]

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Calm After The Storm

It is hard to believe that just 24 hours ago Tiree was being assaulted by winds gusting up to 75mph.  For hour after hour (6-8 hours) the wind kept hammering the island with gusts over 60mph. The gable end flashing, holding the roof tiles of our home, suffered minor damage, but thankfully a temporary repair has been […]

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“Chust Sublime!”

 When a friend shared some photographs with the caption ‘Chust Sublime!’ I was reminded of a previous post. The expression was made famous by the legendary, but fictional, skipper of the ‘Vital Spark’ Para Handy.  How apt “Chust Sublime” is for the day we have enjoyed today. At breakfast we marvelled at our view of the […]

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– Summer in October –

Daylight hours may be shorter, with sunrise at 8:03 and sunset at 18:21, but there is still warmth in the air. The common comment is that we had no Summer to speak of, but we have had a great Autumn.  Little wonder today’s sailing to Oban had the air of a cruise with many passengers […]

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When East Looks West

It is very easy when you first arrive on Tiree to lose your bearings. The length of the island lies east – west and not as you tend to think north – south.  Although you are aware that Tiree is an island, there are occasions when it appears to be joined to one of its […]

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