First light brought a strong hint of what lay ahead. The first streaks of light hinted at the coming sunrise. As the darkness receded the sky was a delight to behold. “Are you going to go out?” “Do you want to go to the memorial?” “Breakfast can wait until you come back.” Was I glad […]

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Adverse Weather

Living on a Hebridean Island off the West Coast of Scotland the phrase “adverse weather’ has threatening connotations. The ferry may be may be liable to disruption, delay or cancellation. With only one sailing a day scheduled in the summer timetable, and five sailings a week in the winter timetable, the ferry service is vital. […]

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My Help Comes From

This evening we set out for a home close to the Moor Road and as we travelled west we marvelled at the high tide, the cloud effect over the Passage of Tiree and the vista in front of us.  The aim of the evening was to build one another up as we shared God’s Word […]

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After The Eclipse

The morning began so unpromising with grey, overcast skies and with little hope of witnessing the eclipse other than on television. (See Tiree’s Solar Eclipse.) Then just at the right time and at the right area of the sky, the clouds parted sufficiently to afford a spectacular view of the eclipse. Not only were we […]

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A Powerful Reminder

On a day when the Queen and many paused to remember the cost of the war in Afghanistan, Tiree’s memorial serves as a powerful reminder of the cost of war and of the One who chose to lay down his life that we might know ‘peace with God’. in his letter to the young church […]

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Look Up

Tiree has three small hills, but no mountains. Yet, we are surrounded by marvellous views of mountains. Today, just before and after dawn we looked out on’The Paps of Jura’. Then as we returned from meeting with our Christian family at ‘An Talla’, we caught sight of snow-capped ‘Ben More’ the only ‘Munro’ on the […]

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Happy Christmas

Nollaig chridheil agus bliadhna mhath ùr Whether you live on Tiree or you are just visiting ‘Life-On-Tiree’ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Before the first Christmas ‘God was for his people’. In the birth of Jesus (Christ) ‘God was with  his people’. Matthew records in the Gospel that takes his name – All this […]

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Tiree: Are You Listening?

In the aftermath of the recent storm (‘Black Wednesday’) the island has been without mobile phone coverage, both networks being affected. The common complaint being that it can take over 90 minutes, speaking to various call centre staff and being put on hold for long periods, before the problem is acknowledged. Even then Vodafone will […]

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