Happy Christmas

Nollaig chridheil agus bliadhna mhath ùr Whether you live on Tiree or you are just visiting ‘Life-On-Tiree’ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Before the first Christmas ‘God was for his people’. In the birth of Jesus (Christ) ‘God was with  his people’. Matthew records in the Gospel that takes his name – All this […]

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Tiree: Are You Listening?

In the aftermath of the recent storm (‘Black Wednesday’) the island has been without mobile phone coverage, both networks being affected. The common complaint being that it can take over 90 minutes, speaking to various call centre staff and being put on hold for long periods, before the problem is acknowledged. Even then Vodafone will […]

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Tiree: The Big View

It was not the most promising of mornings, but by noon the sky was transformed. The bright blue sky afforded big views across the Passage of Tiree towards the Treshnish Isles and Mull and to the south to the Paps of Jura.  Looking out of our sitting room window we can still see the Paps of […]

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Tropical Tiree

From Sunrise to Sunset and beyond.  It has been a day when you sense that adjectives are inadequate to described what you have experienced. The sun that had painted the sky the evening before returned to paint the morning sky with breath-taking hues. The sun that had kissed the ‘Mighty Clansman’ goodnight welcomed the return of […]

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Tiree: Mystery Solved

Is it just being plain nosey or is it an enquiring mind? Just why was the MV Uskmoor moored at the pier in Gott Bay? Was it to do some further work on this prominent structure? Apparently not! With the wind dropped, the vessel with barge in tow moved out of the bay and round the […]

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Tiree: Even More Important

Although considered remote by many, Tiree’s residents will have the opportunity to vote in Thursday’s referendum. Like most places in Scotland the vote is split between the “Yes” and the “No”. When the poll closes the ballot boxes will be flown off the island enabling the result to be declared the following day. The significance of […]

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