Say What You See

No! Lockdown and social distancing has not been all too much It’s just I thought that we might commence with a game. You could call it ‘Catch Phrase’ or ‘Dingbats’. ‘Just say what you see.’ Well! Did you work it out? Was the clue  too easy for you? Anywhere the phrase is, ‘Just in case’. […]

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I Love Tiree’s Big Sky

It is winter time here on the Isle of Tiree. The sun is much lower in the sky and thus less intense. It also means that the hours of daylight are considerably less. Whatever the season, spring or autumn, summer or winter I appreciate our big sky. It’s Monday morning and it appears the sky […]

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Saturday into Sunday

It had been a busy day and we needed to clear our heads. A brief walk to the pier at Scarinish was called for. It was just after 10:00pm. There was no dramatic sunset. It had been a rather dull, damp day. After all it was the Tiree Association’s Sports Day. The sun had already set but […]

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To the best of my knowledge there is not an illicit still on Tiree, rather this is an account of the night of the full moon. Arriving back in Scarinish, after an evening out at Ceabhar Restaurant at Sandaig, the full moon was high overhead. However, by the time the camera was to hand the […]

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Big Skies

On an unexpected excursion to Heylipol we witnessed a full rainbow arch that crossed the island. But! No camera! By the time we reached Scarinish the bow had shrunk! Still Dramatic! But it had shrunk. No camera other than phone. With less than half an hour to sunset the cloud formations were amazing. The camera was now […]

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Tiree’s Dramatic Sky

’The sky is the limit’, ‘Blue sky thinking’ and ‘Pie in the sky” are just a few examples of how the sky that surrounds us figures in every day speech.  Less clouds feel missed out, we are informed that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. (Mouseover for captions and double click for larger pictures) The […]

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Hebridean Inspiration

On a beautiful May morning we find ourselves seated round the kitchen table of Sunbeam Cottage enjoying a welcome coffee and delicious scones with hosts Colin and Susan Woodcock. From their window we look out across the single track road to their gallery and just beyond is the sea sparkling under a clear blue sky. […]

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Big Blue Skies

Gone for the time being are the winter storms. Here today are big blue skies. The warmth of the sun is reflected in the appearance of butterflies, bees and bird song. As we set out for our constitutional (walk) we take the camera just in case! Although Tiree is relatively flat, we look east towards the mountains on […]

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