Baugh’s Birds

Birds were a feature of this morning’s walk in Baugh Township. They were on the electric wires and poles. They were up above in the sky. They were on barbed wire. Wherever you looked there appeared to be birds. Here they are by the Roadman’s Cottage. But the thrill of the day was spotting a […]

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The Art of Flight

It was an illustration of the art of flight. Our walk along Gott Bay was a vivid demonstration. The birds overhead scored higher than the kite surfers in the water. Gott Bay contains Tiree’s Big Beach. In Gaelic the beach is known as Tràigh Mhòr. The afternoon’s low tide emphasised the sheer expanse of sand. Out in […]

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A Fresh Perspective

Dark skies prevailed on Saturday morning. Our guests were unperturbed and undeterred. They chose to visit Milton before going on to Salum. They returned enthusing over the dramatic scene before them. The scene they captured was like a black and white photograph. How different the afternoon. We arrived at the Farmhouse Cafe in warm sunshine. […]

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Azure is a variation of blue that is often described as the color of the sky on a clear summer’s day. As if to prove the point this morning’s flight made its final approach Tiree airport by over-flying the CalMac ferry basking under azure blue skies. So may different shades of blue blending together. Perhaps […]

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A Colourful Visitor

A colourful character dropped by for lunch today on what was otherwise a rather grey day. Before coming to Tiree we acquired a couple of bird feeders. A thoughtful Christmas present added to the collection. With the gift came a large sack of bird food. What pleasure this has brought. Over the winter it seemed […]

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A Tantalising View

It is the Easter Weekend. Officially Spring has sprung. However, it has felt more like winter. The breeze has had a raw edge to it all day. As the daylight hours were drawing to a close there was a tantalising view westwards of the sun. Could it really be true that the forecasters have got […]

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Tiree: A Winter Warmer

No not a Scottish beverage, but another spectacular sunrise followed by visitors to our developing water feature. Squally showers continue to sweep in but they bring welcome visitors. As usual mouse-over for titles and double click for a slideshow of larger pictures.

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Tiree: Where The Corncrake Cries

Today the Isle of Tiree made the national news headlines with the RSPB report that “one of Scotland’s rarest breeding birds has had its most successful season in at least 45 years. The reference was to the elusive ‘Corncrake” which are related to moorhens, coots and rails but differ from most members of the family in […]

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Spring is in the air….

A walk across the machair and the rocks just above the shoreline revealed evidence of the fast advancing season. The ever-present daisy, celandine and thrift, which was not in flower a week ago, now carpets the crevices of the rocks. The Gaelic name for Thrift is Neoinean Cladaich which means ‘Shore Daisy’. This info was […]

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