A Braw Mornin’

“It’s a braw mornin’.” “Out for your constitutional?” “It’s a fine day, even if a bit chilly!” These were the greetings from this morning. From first light there was a strong hint of a braw morning. There was every evidence there would be a view of the sun rising. So after breakfast it was over […]

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Look Out!

Look Up! Look Down! Look Out! Look Around! Take a good look all around! Look Up! Stepping out this morning the first thing that caught my attention were the cloud formations high in the sky above. The first observation were the clouds behind the memorial in Pier Road. The whole day has been characterised by warm […]

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Tiree Blue

Thursday was the day Tiree turned blue. The sun shone and the land and seascape was transformed. Blue can be a cold colour but on that particular day it was was warm and bright. In the clear blue sky the neighbouring islands stand out clear. Any clouds are light and only add to the drama. It is a […]

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Tiree’s Done It Again

Yes! Once again Tiree is the sunniest place in the UK. 15.9 hours of bright blue sunshine. At first light the sky was bright. At 4:00am, before sunrise, the sky was promising. Even the moon acted as a herald of the sun that was rising. The red sky in the morning was no shepherds warning. […]

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“Outlook” The word has various meanings. For some ‘Outlook’ is a piece of computer software. For others it relates to the weather forecast. “What’s the weather outlook for tomorrow?” Rather pertinent on Tiree! Today’s outlook all round Tiree was stunning. Above is the amazing outlook to the South. The Paps of Jura – some 50 miles away. […]

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Tiree’s Silvery Seas

Yesterday, Tiree Topped the Met-Office’s Extremes (Data issued 00:02 on Fri 29 Apr 2016) For Strathclyde: Lowest maximum temperature – Tiree 4.9 °C Highest precipitation – Tiree 25.4 mm Sunniest – Tiree 4.5 hours and for the UK Highest precipitation – Tiree 25.4 mm (Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger pictures) What a stark contrast. Blue […]

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It’s Official

For two consecutive days Thursday and Friday, the 14th and 15th April Tiree has been officially the sunniest place in the UK And today, Saturday, has had its fair share of sunshine. The wind coming from directly from the North has been bitingly cold. However, with the sun out it transforms the sky and the sea. […]

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