Unbelievable! Flat calm seas. Wall to wall blue sky. Hardly a breath of wind. Bright, warm, sunny weather. No coats, scarfs, gloves or hats. Instead suncream and sunglasses. For one of our guests the day began with an 8 mile run It took in the full length of Gott Bay there and back. And he did […]

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Swell Conditions

What a swell day for our morning constitutional. The heavy showers had given way to deep blue skies. On the days that the ferry sails our walk takes in the pier. After watching the ferry depart we head up to Scarinish Harbour. To a casual glance the waters of Gott Bay were deceptively calm. However, as […]

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Tiree Blue

Thursday was the day Tiree turned blue. The sun shone and the land and seascape was transformed. Blue can be a cold colour but on that particular day it was was warm and bright. In the clear blue sky the neighbouring islands stand out clear. Any clouds are light and only add to the drama. It is a […]

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The View

Blue Distinctly Blue. Blue Skies! Blue Seas! The sun has shone on the Isle of Tiree For most of the day any clouds have skirted the island. With only a slight breeze it has been a joy to be out. Snow is capping neighbouring islands. Tiree remains snow free. From the pier at Scarinish the Island […]

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Seeing Blue

How we see the world isn’t just about our eyesight. It is also about our emotions and experiences. In fact it can involve all our senses. Take the colour blue . . . (In galleries mouseover for titles and double click for larger pictures) When it came to painting a room my mother would never […]

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