Highs and Lows

Highs, lows and in between. Two contrasting days. Two very different states of the tide. Two very different days weather wise. The contrast could not have been much sharper. On Wednesday afternoon the sky was overcast with only hints of blue and it was high tide at Scarinish Old Harbour On Thursday at noon the sky […]

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Show Time

Friday 22nd July 2016 was Show Time on Tiree. The earliest record of a show on the island was 1877. It has had various venues over the years including Scarinish. Since 2004 the Show has been held at the Rural Centre and Mart, Crossapol. Tiree has a proud record of producing award winning stock. Our crofters […]

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Meet The Neighbours

Flock and Herd On a recent visit to family in London, we came across a butcher’s shop aptly named ‘Flock and Herd’ in Bellenden Rd, South East London. It was a reminder that on Tiree we are very familiar with the other end of the food chain. It has come to that time of the […]

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Tiree: A Fascinating View

Earlier in the month we passed this small harbour near Baugh when some men were working on their boats. The cattle were standing with their heads leaning over the fence. We were convinced they were watching the men. Late the is afternoon we stopped at the same spot to capture the rainbow. Was the cow […]

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