A Colourful Climax

This past week many parts of the UK were buffeted by storm Doris. Although Tiree was not the sunniest place in the U.K. this week on several occasion it has been the sunniest in Strathclyde, and it completely avoided the nation’s named storm. This evening the climax was a colourful sunset. Tomorrow could end this […]

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Chocolate Swirl

Earlier in the day a rainbow arched over Gott Bay. Sadly the rainbow was not quite complete. The top of the arch was missing.   Thursday’s Rainbow over Gott Bay As the rainbow suggests it was a day of mixed weather. However, as evening approached we were afforded a grand sunset. Close to home is Tiree’s […]

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Chocolate For Breakfast

‘Chocolate for Breakfast’ Take your pick, a bar, a box or drinking. Sunrise from our south facing windows was like an advert for chocolate. With the sun just over the horizon the Paps of Jura added the final touch. !(In galleries mouseover for captions and double click for larger pictures) At coffee we observed for the […]

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