Look To The Sky

Looking back on Tuesday, it was a day to look skyward. It is October, however on Tiree there are not the usual tell tale signs that it is autumn. One thing that ‘Mrs Life on Tiree’ misses on the island is the colour of the autumn leaves and being able to kick those that lie […]

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Good Morning Tiree

It’s Show Day on Tiree. Historically the show has enjoyed sunny weather. What will the weather have in store today for the show? With the Friday morning ferry to catch we wake up early. We have still the final packing to complete. But we don’t need to be up this early. It is only 4:45am! […]

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The Cloud

Clouds are fascinating. Clouds transform the sky Clouds can block out the sun or a sunset. Or clouds can enhance a sunrise and a sunset. An often heard remark is, “I don’t understand this cloud thing.” These days the reference is usually a reference to data storage. The clouds above store water or ice until […]

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Look Out!

Look Up! Look Down! Look Out! Look Around! Take a good look all around! Look Up! Stepping out this morning the first thing that caught my attention were the cloud formations high in the sky above. The first observation were the clouds behind the memorial in Pier Road. The whole day has been characterised by warm […]

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Sunshine Sandwich

Our Tiree Sandwich. Yesterday was the filling – sunshine. On either side of Saturday it has been stormy. At present the rain is lashing down, driven by high winds. Friday was a dull, grey day. It didn’t rain all day, but when it did, it did. By night-time the wind had started to rise to […]

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Rewind and Recall

The weekend just gone was characterised by dramatic cloud formations and striking sunsets. Our visitors were impressed by our big skies and Sunday’s sunset. Knowing there were some large yachts anchored in Gottt Bay we began our walk in the company of our visitors down by the pier and with the sun just beginning its descent […]

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Wanting The Best

Our visitors arrive on Saturday morning’s ferry. You want them to see Tiree at its best. Blue skies and seas are on order. Today has provided sunshine and showers. At times the weather has been warm and bright. At other times dark clouds and heavy showers have swept over. The weather forecast is not promising. […]

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A Tantalising View

It is the Easter Weekend. Officially Spring has sprung. However, it has felt more like winter. The breeze has had a raw edge to it all day. As the daylight hours were drawing to a close there was a tantalising view westwards of the sun. Could it really be true that the forecasters have got […]

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Big Skies

On an unexpected excursion to Heylipol we witnessed a full rainbow arch that crossed the island. But! No camera! By the time we reached Scarinish the bow had shrunk! Still Dramatic! But it had shrunk. No camera other than phone. With less than half an hour to sunset the cloud formations were amazing. The camera was now […]

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A Colourful Conclusion

The day was predominantly grey, but daylight hours came to a colourful conclusion. Coming out of Tigh-a-Rudha, Tiree’s Care Home, the sky was ablaze with colour and colourful patterns. Let the pictures speak for themselves. In a black and white world there is an attractiveness.

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