It is Easter Monday and this morning and we woke up to what has turned out to be a day of bright warm (warm for Tiree) sunshine.  We had an important community appointment at Crossapol at 11:30. At 12:00 noon there was to be a ‘Tractor Run’ starting from Bùth a’ Bhaile – the local […]


A Timely Antidote

Apparently ‘dreich’ is one of the most popular words in Scots. It is not surprising that the word tops the popularity polls. However, the condition it refers to is far less popular. That is dull, damp weather. The word is most apt this evening. For those on holiday it must feel like a winter break. […]

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Snow! No Problem!

What a beautiful winter’s day on the Isle of Tiree. We have looked out on a snowy landscape For the most part it has been no problem. No hassle. No inconvenience. What a contrast with reports and photographs we have been receiving. Tiree Airport was open and ready for business today with the runways cleared. […]

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“Snow To Sea Level”

Thankfully on Tiree we missed the worst of Storm Caroline. On Thursday, the day of the storm, the gusts only reached 63mph. However transport to and from the Mainland has been severely affected. This week the twice daily flights to Glasgow have frequently been cancelled. In some instances the aircraft has come to the island […]

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Bag A Beach

Mrs Life-on-Tiree had a responsibility in Baugh. (Baugh we have come to appreciate is pronounced ‘Bag’.) So, the opportunity was taken to walk along Tràigh Bhàigh. Once again it was a beautiful sunny day. It felt warm as there was hardly a breath of wind. Unusually the waves were not roaring in like an express train. […]

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Storm Barbara

Storm Barbara has been buffeting the island throughout the day. As daylight began to appear the force of the wind began to rise. This afternoon gusts were officially recorded at 70mph. On the eve of the storm Balephetrish beach and bay In the afternoon we headed west on a photo tour of the island. The starting […]

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Tiree’s All Lit UP

Saturday 3rd December was the day of the big switch on. The venue was the Business Centre, Crossapol. The time was 5:30pm. However, the day began with a spectacular display over the Passage of Tiree. Drawing back the curtains at breakfast time the sunlight was dramatic. The sky was cloudy but the sun was shafting […]

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Stepping Out on Tiree

Before the wee blow arrived on Saturday afternoon and continued through the night into Sunday the Step Out Team flew out. (In galleries mouse-over captions and double-click for larger photographs) They spent a week on the island working with members of the Baptist Church in holding a Holiday Bible Club at their premises in Baugh. Each morning […]

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An Evening for a Good Read

Right now the wind is steadily rising as the latest storm to reach these shores approaches. Gusting in excess of 45mph, it is forecast to reach speeds of over 70mph in a few hours time. Yet this morning the sun was streaming through the clouds, lighting up the sea, the shore and the south east […]

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Swell Tiree

Due to swell conditions the 15:15 sailing from Castlebay to Oban was delayed and the consequence of this decision is that this evening’s sailing from Tiree to Coll and is cancelled. Although the above view of the pier is bright and sunny there was a considerable swell running. For most of the previous evening and overnight the wind was gusting up […]

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