A Glowing Report

The air was still. The sea was was calm. It was a beautiful morning, even if there was a nip in the air. There was an added attraction to being out of doors – an orange glow was lighting up the sky and colouring everything it touched. Our home lies tucked in beneath the slight […]

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Pulling back the curtains the sky heralded the approaching sunrise. There was blue sky but the clouds were taking on the colour of sunrise. A quick look at the time of sunrise for Tiree suggested that there was just about sufficient time to head for the memorial in Pier Road, Scarinish. The memorial stood as […]

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In Hushed Tones

There is a certain way they talk on natural history documentaries. In hushed, almost reverent tones, the presenter speaks. “It is 5:20am and I am slipping out of the house. There is a stillness, very little is moving. The sky all around is stratified – Morphing from red to blue.” “Any clouds are wispy and white, […]

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It is difficult not to talk about the weather. It’s November and yet the weather is so still. Out of 6 days thus far five of them have been calm. Only on 1 out of the 6 days have we had any significant wind. Add to that, the fact it has been bright and sunny […]

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Chocolate For Breakfast

‘Chocolate for Breakfast’ Take your pick, a bar, a box or drinking. Sunrise from our south facing windows was like an advert for chocolate. With the sun just over the horizon the Paps of Jura added the final touch. !(In galleries mouseover for captions and double click for larger pictures) At coffee we observed for the […]

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Challenging Conditions

In various ways these two words ‘Challenging Conditions’ sum up ‘Life on Tiree’ at the present time. For many there is the excitement that surrounds Christmas, but for others their circumstances are challenging. Living on Tiree, in contrast to the Mainland, we are often more conscious of one another’s joys and sorrows. Blessings and buffetings are two […]

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Nae Snaw

Tiree is a snow free zone today and that’s how it normally is on the island. Although at noon the thermometer had climbed to a high of 5.4 ° for much of the morning the temperature never reached 4°.  It was so peaceful . It was not just the almost complete absence of wind in the morning and it was also […]

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