A New Day Dawns

Sunrise is getting later and later as the days go by. At first light an orange glow began to fill the bedroom. Drawing back the curtains revealed the approach of a beautiful sunrise. To witness it at its best meant a short walk to the memorial in Pier Road. There was no need to wrap […]

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The Dawn Effect

It was about 04:30am “What time was sunrise this morning?” A quick check revealed it to be at 4:39am in Scarinish. I slipped out of bed. Opened the patio door. And simply listened to the stillness. Yet it wasn’t quiet, there was the dawn chorus. And every so often sheep could be heard bleating. No! […]

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A New Day Dawns

Sunrise this morning on Tiree was at 4:54. First-light, however, was considerably earlier. The previous evening the gloaming continued long after sunset. It is quite a thought. – The longest hours of daylight are still 4 weeks away. There was a stillness to the island as I slipped out of the house. It certainly felt […]

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Hebridean Sunrise

Having been on the Mainland for two weeks, this morning was a reminder of how close sunrise is when viewed from our home in Scarinish, Isle of Tiree. Our home nestles just below the Scarinish headland. The headland is low lying – just enough to create the effect. What a joy it was this morning […]

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Red Alert

Yes! Believe it or not! They are on sale on Tiree. You can purchase a nifty brolly on the island. However, they ought to come with a warning label. ‘Mainland use only – Not for use on the Isle of Tiree’. The day began with a memorable sunrise. It continued with pleasant Autumn sunshine. However, as […]

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Morning Has Broken

A well-known hymn set to the tune Bunessan proclaims ‘Morning has broken, like the first morning.’ Ah! What a great start to the day! Sunrise! Sunshine! (Mouse-over for titles, double-click for larger pictures) A popular UK coffee chains advertises, ‘When your morning has broken, we’ll help fix it.’ Well. There was nothing broken about morning here […]

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