Snow Moon

On the evening of the 10th February and into the morning of the following day three celestial events coincide to give a spectacular display The first event is a full moon. Native American Indians know it as the ‘Snow Moon’. This particular full moon was the time of year when snow was most anticipated. When […]

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After The Eclipse

The morning began so unpromising with grey, overcast skies and with little hope of witnessing the eclipse other than on television. (See Tiree’s Solar Eclipse.) Then just at the right time and at the right area of the sky, the clouds parted sufficiently to afford a spectacular view of the eclipse. Not only were we […]

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Tiree’s Solar Eclipse

Having forgone witnessing the “Northern Lights’, spectacularly recorded by photographers on the island, we thought the only way we were going to see the Eclipse was by watching the television. The sky darkened, the temperature dropped and the sky was covered by cloud. Then at just the right time, and at the important area of the […]

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