How Time Flies

It seems incredible that over a month has past since our last post, ‘Home To Tiree” and to think that it is only ‘two sleeps’ until we set out to visit family in the South of England. A whole month has gone by and not a single post. Perhaps it could be down to the […]

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So Quiet

On the Isle of Tiree it can be so quiet that you notice noise. You are aware of a tractor working in a nearby field. You are aware of someone cutting their grass. You look up when you hear the daily flights. Otherwise is it an ambulance plane? If you live in a city there […]

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Return Post

Out by ferry and return by plane. Once again we were encouraged by the kindness of family and friends. On the outward journey the ferry was running approximately two hours late, yet thanks to the kindness of friends we arrived at our onward destination approximately two hours earlier than expected. Thanks to the kindness of […]

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Island on the Edge

Standing on a rocky outcrop at Vaul, watching the sun set over the Outer Hebrides and the great Atlantic Ocean, our son remarked that it is like living on the edge. The Hebrides are literally the islands on the edge, not just of Scotland, but also of the continent of Europe. A possible derivation of the word […]

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The Best Thing About Going Away

  If there isn’t a saying already there ought to be one for “the best thing about going away from Tiree is the coming back”.  The outward crossing was on a glassy sea and the return journey was sun kissed resulting in yet another spectacular sunset. Our trip to the Mainland involved time spent in […]

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Comings And Goings

Since coming to live on Tiree we have been more aware of comings and goings. Perhaps it is partly due to only one ferry a day to the mainland, only one flight a day to Glasgow Airport and a twice weekly flight to Oban. In the winter months transport links are even more limited and […]

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Family Life

Saturday’s soaking was followed by a dreich start to Sunday. However, by about four the day began to brighten and by five things were looking up and it is proving to be a bright sunny evening. On a drive across by Moss (here on Tiree) we unexpectedly came across this wonderful example of family life. […]

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A Braw Day

It’s a braw day for a birthday. One friend wrote, “Happy Birthday Ursula, glad you are enjoying Tiree, even if the wind blows a lot!!” At this time of the year on Tiree the sun may be late in rising, but when it did this morning, it was a glorious sky. What’s more there was […]

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