Cafe Culture

They have a special outdoor viewing area at the Farmhouse Cafe in Balemartine here on the beautiful island of Tiree so that you can see me close up. Naturally I prefer what my mum gives me but I understand they serve great food and coffee (or tea). I love the outdoor life but the cafe […]

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A Fresh Perspective

Dark skies prevailed on Saturday morning. Our guests were unperturbed and undeterred. They chose to visit Milton before going on to Salum. They returned enthusing over the dramatic scene before them. The scene they captured was like a black and white photograph. How different the afternoon. We arrived at the Farmhouse Cafe in warm sunshine. […]

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An Island For All Seasons

Yesterday Tiree was the sunniest place in Strathclyde. It was a day when you needed sunglasses – Especially as the sun began to set. What a contrast today. With a driver to hand the decision was made to go east to Milton. Could we make it in time to photograph the ferry? The Passage of Tiree […]

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A West End Gem

At the West End of Tiree, in the township of Balemartine, you’ll find a real gem. The line of parked cars probably indicates that you have arrived at the Farmhouse Cafe. A renovated barn is home to the cafe made all the more attractive by the light, airy sun lounge with outstanding view towards Ben […]

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Thankfully No Winter Storm

The month of June has put to rest the myth that it’s always sunny on Tiree. When visitors arrive you want the island to look its best. The Machair was something to behold but the weather was different. Not that it was raining all the time, most of the time it was just grey and […]

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