Flavour of the Month

April the First. Sunshine and April Showers. Today we have received the flavour of the month. When this morning’s flight flew overhead there was low cloud. In fact it felt as if the plane was disappearing into the mist. Thankfully the plane managed to land. As so often happens there was a shower when the ferry […]

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Atlantic Roar

‘Atlantic Roar’ by Skippinish is a Music Scotland all time best selling album. The lyrics to the track ‘Land below the Waves’ are as follows: “And I want to go where the great Atlantic roars, From the cliffs of Kenevara to majestic Skerryvore, And breath again the air my island body craves, And feel again the […]

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Black Friday

Today might well be described as Black Friday. We’ve not mistaken the date for the annual sales bonanza. We know this American shopping phenomenon is Friday 25th November. Fuelled by the internet it has come across the ‘pond’ to UK stores. But it is not this that is in mind. Friday the 18th of November […]

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When the boat comes in

During the summer 2016 timetable the Wednesday sailing from Oban to Coll and Tiree continues onward to Barra and then returns to Tiree. This enables visitors to spend six hours exploring Tiree and permits traffic to sail directly between Tiree and Barra. With this evening’s return sailing alongside Tiree’s pier the fishing boat ‘Atlantis’ arrives home in the […]

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Leaving the crofting township of Heylipol the sky was ablaze with colour. The sun was slowly dropping down behind Ben Hough. Crossing the Reef it was a sight to behold. By Scarinish the sun had set. The sun might have set but the sky was awash with colour. The colour reflected in the clam waters […]

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Friday 6th May felt like a foretaste of Summer. Saturday put a damper on high hopes. Today raised hopes once again. The day has been warm with temperatures rising to 15 degrees. With hardly a breeze it has felt unusually warm, almost humid. Sunshine and light clouds characterised the afternoon. Looking across towards Mull a […]

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Tiree: Milton Harbour

It’s taken a year to get here, but the visit made an ideal start to our second year. We previously visited the harbour late one evening in 2011, when spending a week’s holiday on Tiree.  Having visitors staying with us gave us an ideal opportunity to take the camera on an outing and it really […]

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