Come Fly With Me

A red sky at night according to folklore is a shepherd’s delight. Yet not every red sky at night heralds fine weather the next day. Tuesday was a good example of the exception to the general rule. This week Monday’s sunshine was followed by a colourful sunset. However Monday’s sunset was followed by Tuesday’s low […]

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The Art of Flight

It was an illustration of the art of flight. Our walk along Gott Bay was a vivid demonstration. The birds overhead scored higher than the kite surfers in the water. Gott Bay contains Tiree’s Big Beach. In Gaelic the beach is known as Tràigh Mhòr. The afternoon’s low tide emphasised the sheer expanse of sand. Out in […]

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Three Ds

Speak of storm ‘Desmond’ and two other words spring to mind – deluge and destruction. Thankfully, although we have had our share of wind, we have been spared the destructive deluge experienced by others on the Mainland. In some places, the island may look more water than land, but there has been no loss of […]

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When Time is Money

Partly because we do not have planes landing every two minutes at Tiree airport and partly because any transatlantic flights are generally flying about 35,000 feet, we are unused to regular aircraft noise. First of all we heard the sound of a rotor blade, then the helicopter came into view as it swooped towards the […]

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TIREE Touchdown

Life on Tiree is never dull. The welcome aboard the Twin Otter aircraft (which seats 14 on an inboard flight to Tiree) was accompanied by a warning that the visibility level was right on the threshold and that our flight might have to turn back without landing. We were informed that there was insufficient fuel […]

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TIREE: Blue Skies

With forecasters predicting more seasonal weather and temperatures, the day began with an intense shower, but soon dark skies gave way to warm blue. What a start to the month of October! Overhead the daily flight from Glasgow made its approach and the geese took fright and flight. At Crossapol those who enjoy water sports made […]

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Tiree: A Safe Onward Journey

“Thank You For Flying With Us. Have a safe onward journey.”  Familiar words for many, but sadly in the light of recent events words that cannot be taken for granted. Yesterday, in our travels across the island to enable our guest the opportunity to purchase some last minute gifts, we witnessed two planes, (the large […]

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In Flight

Another beautiful January day, with even more sunshine, meant a walk along Gott Bay. As we approached the bay the daily flight from Glasgow, operated by FlyBe/Loganair made its approach. (As usual, click each photograph for a larger picture.) The usual plane is an 18 seat Twin Otter. As well as the passengers, the plane […]

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Lifeline Services

At present we are keeping a close eye on the weather, particularly the speed of the wind. If the speed is close to 40mph it is unlikely the boat will be able to berth on Monday and we will be unable to cross to the Mainland. This past week many of the West Coast and […]

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