Complications is a word that can be associated with operations – think surgery. This is an operation and although it requires precision it is not a medical matter. Perhaps an explanation is required. This morning around 9:30 we looked out of our south facing window and through the mist we made out the form of […]

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A Day of Contrasts

In essence it began the day before on Sunday the 22nd of August. The day began bright and sunny, indeed warm for the Isle of Tiree. However, as morning gave way to afternoon parts of the island were bathed in sunshine while other parts were under a blanket of fog. For most of the day […]

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A Welcome Return

In sharp contrast with the day before, the weather report stated that Tiree was enveloped in dense fog.  Although it was not a pea-souper, visibility was greatly reduced.  As a consequence of the poor visibility the daily flight from and to Glasgow was cancelled. 

Barely discernable the ‘MV Clansman’

On the way down to the pier I could hear what sounded like a ship’s horn.   A fishing boat was dipping in and out of the fog and this was probably one reason for the sounding of the ship’s horn.

A fishing boat dipping in and out of the fog

Yesterday morning the MV Hebrides took over the sailings on the Uig Triangle to Tarbert (Harris) and Lochmaddy (North Uist). After an early morning crossing from Tarbert to Uig the MV Clansman proceeded to Castlebay on Barra. From there she sailed to Oban. She was in place to be deployed on the 7.15am Thursday sailing to Coll and Tiree.

Arriving in Gott Bay and coming outof the murk

From Tiree’s pier the Passage of Tiree was shrouded in fog and it was out of the murk that the MV Clansman made her welcome return. She was well into Gott Bay before the outline of the ferry could be discerned. It was even further into the bay before she could clearly be seen.

The MV Clansman preparing to berth

With almost no wind and no swell the MV Clansman enjoyed calm conditions for her return to Tiree. In her extended  absence the MV Lord of the Isles covered most of the crossings, although on two consecutive crossings the MV Isle of Mull made an appearance. The latter was down to technical difficulties elsewhere on the network. The MV Isle Lewis which normally operates between Castlebay (Barra) and Oban is berthed in Stornoway (Lewis) with what has been reported as thruster problems.

The MV Clansman in front of the renovated old pier

In line with Covid restrictions both traffic to and from the Mainland was reassuringly mainly commercial vehicles. It was good to see, even from a distance, well known faces among the crew.

Well known faces

The equinox in March and the month of April can still bring with them stormy conditions so it is reassuring to have the ‘Mighty One’ back on duty.

Midship and bow ropes being hauled in

Welcome home.

The ramp lowered and local drivers board the car deck

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

MV Clansman – A Welcome Return

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To The Rescue

Today the Mighty Clansman came to the rescue. There have been no flights to or from Tiree since Thursday evening. The island and its airport have been covered by a blanket of dense fog. The sound of the ferry’s powerful horn could be clearly heard. There was no sign of the Isle of Mull or […]

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Ghost Ship

What was that? Did you hear it? It sounded like a ship’s horn. And it could be heard over most of the island. There is goes again! Yet there was no sign of the ferry. Then gradually she slipped out of the mist. Probably less than 100 metres from the end of the pier. (In […]

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Late Arrival

Late Arrival. To be more accurate, ‘Late Arrivals’. One event went on to another and another. First the announcement that the sailing to Tiree had been suspended. The MV Clansman berthed in Oban was for the time being going no where. The statement referred to ‘technical reasons’. Apparently it was the failure of the onboard […]

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A Day Early Yet Still Late

Here is an interesting conundrum. The Clansman is a day early, yet it is still late on arrival. On a bright sunny April morning on Tiree, the ferry was due to arrive at 9:05. Due to fog in the Oban area the sailing was initially delayed. Later, with improved weather conditions, the Clansman departed Oban […]

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