Environmental Destruction

It is nothing less than destruction of the environment. It should be banned. It should  be made illegal. You may want manicured lawns to impress. Grass cutting should cease immediately. It is difficult enough coping with the weather on Tiree. You call it five weeks of glorious sunshine. Have you no consideration? Your grass is my haven. […]

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Mind Me!

“Why choose the hottest day of the year thus far to go cutting the grass? Your natural garden was providing a welcome relief from the sun. And have you considered the haven you afford for wild flowers? There is a ‘Life on Tiree’ for us too.” “It’s bad enough the neighbours cutting the grass. We thought […]

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Losing My Cool

It may not be the 40 degrees of Wimbledon’s Centre Court where Andy Murray was playing, or the 30+ degrees of the south of England, but it was warm for Tiree. There may still have been a breeze blowing, but I ask you, “How cruel can a person be?”  Imagine cutting the grass on a […]

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