One Evening When

One evening when we had to cross the island to Sandaig we met a couple taking the family out for a stroll. In fact it was an evening for promenading. We met 3 couples with their youngsters. The start of the metrological summer on Tiree has been mixed. We have in true British style had […]

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Water! Water! Everywhere!

Last winter, our first on Tiree, was said to be one of the wettest in living memory. Although we had been told that water never lay for long on the island, there seemed to be water everywhere – and not just in the sea that surrounds. This winter started out so different, with many glorious […]

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TIREE: Blue Skies

With forecasters predicting more seasonal weather and temperatures, the day began with an intense shower, but soon dark skies gave way to warm blue. What a start to the month of October! Overhead the daily flight from Glasgow made its approach and the geese took fright and flight. At Crossapol those who enjoy water sports made […]

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Family Life

Saturday’s soaking was followed by a dreich start to Sunday. However, by about four the day began to brighten and by five things were looking up and it is proving to be a bright sunny evening. On a drive across by Moss (here on Tiree) we unexpectedly came across this wonderful example of family life. […]

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In Flight

Another beautiful January day, with even more sunshine, meant a walk along Gott Bay. As we approached the bay the daily flight from Glasgow, operated by FlyBe/Loganair made its approach. (As usual, click each photograph for a larger picture.) The usual plane is an 18 seat Twin Otter. As well as the passengers, the plane […]

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Oh! What a beautiful morning!

After the stormy weather of the past week, Boxing Day proving a brief respite, Sunday 29th December was a beautiful morning. Before meeting with others to worship our great Creator-God, the opportunity was taken for an outing with the camera. Enjoy the walk from the comfort of your seat as you watch the slideshow!

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After The Wind

After last night’s strong winds (about 56 mph) we woke to another beautiful sunny morning with just a hint of a breeze. After breakfast we set out to walk along Gott Beach (Traigh_Mhòr‎ – the Big Beach). We had gone about a mile when a friend stopped their car to talk to us and we […]

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What a glorious view: Geese, Sheep and Cattle – and all from our living room window! Although we have visited Tiree’s Rural Centre where the livestock auctions take place, we have not as yet attended one of the sales. This Saturday (2/11/2013) is the sale of suckled calves and store cattle. Anticipating the sale the CalMac […]

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