Rewind and Recall

The weekend just gone was characterised by dramatic cloud formations and striking sunsets. Our visitors were impressed by our big skies and Sunday’s sunset. Knowing there were some large yachts anchored in Gottt Bay we began our walk in the company of our visitors down by the pier and with the sun just beginning its descent […]

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Specialising in Sunsets

The Isle of Tiree with its big skies specialises in sunsets. Winter skies can often afford spectacular sunsets. This past month has seen one after another. And each one is different. – Thursday – not the red skies of previous evenings, nevertheless Thursday’s sky was impressive. Friday evening’s sunset cast a glow right round the […]

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Return of the Gloaming

With the clocks set to British Summer Time, we have the return of the gloaming, that very special time of the day. The clock may be registering 8:18pm. The sun may have set 7:56pm. It is still light at 8:56. It is the gloaming. Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn Each sunset is distinctively different. With its big […]

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