Let Me Live

The Isle of Tiree is unique among the Inner Hebrides. Big wide skies, beautiful beaches, bird song and machair all make the island so special. I can think of so many reasons why anyone might declare, “Let me live!” “Let me live to see the elusive corncrake.” “Let me live to see the sunrise.” “Let […]

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Mairi Hedderwick in ‘An Eye on the Hebrides’ recounts that in peacetime Tiree inherited a diesel powered electricity supply to which Coll (our neighbouring island) was eventually connected by a sub-sea cable via the Sound of Gunna. She states,”Now the Collachs, if they so chanced to think on it, are in the advantage, Mains Electricity, […]

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Why Tiree?

As far as we know, we can lay no claim to any historical link to the Isle of Tiree. Never did we ever imagine that we would moving to a Scottish island, far less to Tiree. Yet we firmly believe that our going to the Island is part of God’s plan for our lives. Last […]

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