Welcome Visitors

The Easter holiday brought many visitors to the island. Some came by plane but the majority came by ferry. The visitors we have in mind flew in. Over the winter months we had our regulars in the garden. They were primarily starlings and pigeons. Regulars are always welcome. However the variety and number of visitors has […]

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Pick and Mix

The sun has shone on Tiree today. Not as warm as London, but warmer than it has been. With a chauffeur to drive here a few photographs from the East End. Double-click for larger picture, mouse-over for captions. Due to wind and wave conditions yesterday’s ferry was cancelled. Today, the ferry had no problems berthing […]

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A Colourful Visitor

A colourful character dropped by for lunch today on what was otherwise a rather grey day. Before coming to Tiree we acquired a couple of bird feeders. A thoughtful Christmas present added to the collection. With the gift came a large sack of bird food. What pleasure this has brought. Over the winter it seemed […]

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