Unbelievable! Flat calm seas. Wall to wall blue sky. Hardly a breath of wind. Bright, warm, sunny weather. No coats, scarfs, gloves or hats. Instead suncream and sunglasses. For one of our guests the day began with an 8 mile run It took in the full length of Gott Bay there and back. And he did […]

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Baugh A View

The crofting township of Baugh affords a truly beautiful outlook. The slight rise in the road gives an elevated view all round. A view that encompasses the neighbouring islands. Yes! Stop and Baugh a View. (Baugh pronounced Bag) Where else does a walk to the Doctor’s Surgery include such views? Views that take in the […]

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When East Looks West

It is very easy when you first arrive on Tiree to lose your bearings. The length of the island lies east – west and not as you tend to think north – south.  Although you are aware that Tiree is an island, there are occasions when it appears to be joined to one of its […]

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A First

Saturday saw the start of the Tiree Wave Classic. As long as you were not surfing the weather was glorious over the weekend, blue skies and hardly a drop of wind.  With the good weather continuing on Monday, we made our first ascent, since coming to the island, of Ben Hynish, the highest Ben, all 450 […]

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