Jigsaw Pieces

It has been a day of fitting the various pieces of the Jigsaw together. Under CalMac’s Summer Timetable Friday is an early sailing. I had been asked to keep a look out for a house arriving. There was uncertainty over the day. – Either Friday or Saturday – “Walk or take the car?” It wasn’t pouring […]

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Welcome Visitors

The Easter holiday brought many visitors to the island. Some came by plane but the majority came by ferry. The visitors we have in mind flew in. Over the winter months we had our regulars in the garden. They were primarily starlings and pigeons. Regulars are always welcome. However the variety and number of visitors has […]

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Azure is a variation of blue that is often described as the color of the sky on a clear summer’s day. As if to prove the point this morning’s flight made its final approach Tiree airport by over-flying the CalMac ferry basking under azure blue skies. So may different shades of blue blending together. Perhaps […]

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