A Dusting

The forecast was for snow showers. Well! Did the weather forecasters get it right? The first duty this morning was to look out the window. The sky was dark but there was no sign of snow on the ground. It was as we were enjoying our breakfast that we heard it. It was the sound […]

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Dramatic Skies

We were all ready to go for the constitutional. You know warm coat, woolly hat, scarf and gloves We were certainly prepared for it to be on the cold side. We opened the door and we were greeted by a sudden downpour. Change of plan! We hastily retreated indoors. As quick as the rain came […]

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“Snow To Sea Level”

Thankfully on Tiree we missed the worst of Storm Caroline. On Thursday, the day of the storm, the gusts only reached 63mph. However transport to and from the Mainland has been severely affected. This week the twice daily flights to Glasgow have frequently been cancelled. In some instances the aircraft has come to the island […]

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It’s No Snow

It all began with the sound. This was not the stillness of falling snow. It was the incessant rat-tat-tat of hail pounding on the windows. The showers were short and sharp. They were intense while they lasted. And the effect on the ground was dramatic. Looking out the window you could be forgiven for thinking […]

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Tha i fiadhaich!

Whether you are waiting in the Airport Lounge or Doctor’s Surgey, or going round the shop, one of the first things that people talk about is the weather. Presently the Gaelic phrase, “Tha i fiadhaich!” is most apt for it means “It is wild!” Today Tiree is being blasted by winds from the West-South-West, gusting […]

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Dark Skies Gathering

Today proved to be bright but with a biting wind from the north west. When outside sunglasses and scarfs could well have been the dress code. At 8.00pm the sky hinted at a spectacular sunset, but by 8.45pm dark clouds laden with hail were gathering. From the pier at Gott Bay it was evident that the […]

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We are safely back home, thankful for the safe arrival of our grand-daughter, a sister for our grand-son. Thankful to be able to visit them in London, just two weeks after the birth. Thankful for the manner in which our travel arrangements all worked out. Ursula caught the last ferry before it was cancelled for […]

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