One Unknown

It may not be a named to storm to the Met Office but it has certainly felt like a storm here on Tiree. The winds have consistently gusted over 60 mph throughout most of the day. At 5:00am the wind gusted to 77mph a fact noted by the BBC weather report at lunchtime. The Tiree […]

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A Plan Comes Together

This afternoon CalMac’s Plan came together – just! – The MV Lord of the Isles battled to berth at Tiree’s pier in the midst of a hail storm. Awaiting repairs in the New Year, the ferry’s propulsion problems were evident, especially when having to deal with the high wind. However, eventually she berthed to the relief […]

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Hail The Clansman

With friends leaving the island on the Thursday ferry, and no boat since Sunday, a visit to the pier was a must. As the vessel came into sight, to our surprise the outline was that of the ‘Clansman’ and not that of the ‘Lord of the Isles’ – the latter being the ferry normally rostered […]

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The Big Question

“Did the boat get in?” The Clansman left Oban on time, she did not make her first call at Coll, but did she manage to berth at Tiree? One passenger sent a message from on board: “Words directly from The Clansman! It’s a bit bouncy and there’s loads of spray.” “Well! Did the boat get in?” […]

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Water! Water! Everywhere!

Last winter, our first on Tiree, was said to be one of the wettest in living memory. Although we had been told that water never lay for long on the island, there seemed to be water everywhere – and not just in the sea that surrounds. This winter started out so different, with many glorious […]

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Tiree: A Fresh Perspective

Thankfully on Tiree we have been spared the hazardous driving conditions being experienced by many on the Mainland. For the past six days we have had high winds and powerful waves but no blizzards, drifts or sheet ice. Although the photographs give the impression of snow, it is in fact hail. Today, we have had a […]

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