Unrestricted Travel

Yes! That’s correct. Unrestricted travel to, from and around Tiree by imagination. Let us take you to the West End of the island to Lag na Cleite, or as it more commonly known ‘Happy Valley’.  Due to the current restrictions amidst a lockdown on all but essential travel across the whole of the UK, we will travel […]

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Lag na Cleite

‘Happy Valley’ – Isle of Tiree. It is almost five years since we first walked to Lag na Cleite
. We had just moved to Tiree and it was probably our very first walk.. The previous year, when on holiday, we had explored other areas. Our son, who had assisted with the removal, accompanied us on […]

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So Quiet

On the Isle of Tiree it can be so quiet that you notice noise. You are aware of a tractor working in a nearby field. You are aware of someone cutting their grass. You look up when you hear the daily flights. Otherwise is it an ambulance plane? If you live in a city there […]

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A Fresh Perspective

Dark skies prevailed on Saturday morning. Our guests were unperturbed and undeterred. They chose to visit Milton before going on to Salum. They returned enthusing over the dramatic scene before them. The scene they captured was like a black and white photograph. How different the afternoon. We arrived at the Farmhouse Cafe in warm sunshine. […]

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Happy Valley Revisited

Happy Valley Revisited. Our initial visit was in August 2013. We had just moved to the island and had finished unpacking. Our eldest son wanted to explore somewhere we had not been before. It’s Monday and we have company on our walk. My wee brother and his wife are staying with us for a few days. With […]

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Happy Easter

Although not a cave (or a tomb), this natural arch at the west end of the island reminds me of the Easter greeting, “He is not here; he has risen!” Addressing the frightened women, the messengers say, “‘Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen! Remember […]

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TIREE: Alarm or Assurance?

“Is it just a helpful reminder “Or what do they know that we don’t” Whether in our home, out in the car or at the dentist the wind is howling and outside the water feature in the adjacent field in growing by the minute. And this is just the advance warning. Every weather forecast is […]

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