Playing Catch-Up

It feels as if ‘Life on Tiree’ is playing catch-up. I have been reminded and I am conscious that is quite some time since there has been a post. Life has just been busy in one or another.

From Scarinish, looking across to the Isle of Mull

For a start as a church family we have been unable to meet together as normal in An Talla due to the Covid restrictions. We do meet, it just has to be online at present and this involves a different set of skills and ways of communicating and sharing. However, it is such an encouragement to share together in our Sunday Gatherings in the presence of our living Lord – Jesus.

A sprinkling of snow around the remains of the Mary Stewart

We both enjoy walking and some weeks the weather has been against us, but whenever possible we get out. For much of the time our walks have been close to home, but throughout lockdown we have appreciated the freedom we enjoy on the island. At times we hardly met anyone, so social distancing was not a big issue.

It’s snowing!

A week into April and the daffodils were in bloom, yet at the same time we had snow showers. Thankfully it was only showers, unlike the experience on the Mainland. There have been cold northerly winds but frost is rare on the island, due to its position in the Gulf Stream which washes our shores.

April Showers -Snow Showers!

This past week we have had almost wall to wall sunshine. Blue skies have been the order of the day and the sea that surrounds the island turns the most amazing shades of blue.

Blue skies over Gott Bay

Whether or not it is the weather, but our daily walks are taking much longer. It is not so much that we are walking further, it is we are meeting more people and passing the time of day – naturally socially distanced!

I spy a hare outside the window

Rabbits would wreck havoc on Tiree’s fragile landscape, but as hares do not live in burrows they are acceptable. Unlike much of the Mainland they are not a rarity. We still say,  “Look over there – there’s a hare!” It is a special treat when observe one out of our window.

MV Clansman approaching the pier

For some people Monday’s relaxation of some of the Covid restrictions that will lead to the opening up of the island is a cause for concern. For other people the easing of some of the restrictions is most welcome, especially for those dependent on visitors for much of their income. 

Scarinish Old Harbour – Ready for Business

Tiree Sea Tours has been preparing for the season and both of their boats are in the water. In fact they have given them some exercise in preparation for the start of their trips. Surely a trip to see the Puffins on Lunga is a must.

Just testing and it’s all systems ‘Go!’

Tiree welcomes visitors. If visiting please respect our landscape, culture and community. Follow the guidance regarding testing before travelling to the island. We want to remain Covid free and safe. When on the island follow the guidance regarding visiting the shops. You will find helpful information at TIREE COVID-19

Sundown by Scarinish Harbour

Monday sees the start of the summer timetable for the ferry. Capacity is still restricted by social distancing measures, so make sure you book. Perhaps you never know, we meet you while out on one of our walks.

Scarinsh Harbour at Sunset

This is Life on Tiree.

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Consistently Changeable

Consistently Changeable. Wanted Settled. At present the weather is consistently changeable. One to two days of sunshine are followed by unsettled weather. Nevertheless we have been presented with some grand sunrises and sunsets. Anatomy of a Sunset 09/03/16 (For larger pictures, double click) Someone remarked recently, the weather seems to know when the ferry is […]

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Tiree’s Burning Bush

Today’s walk was around the crofting township of Scarinish. It’s a walk that we do  most days, weather permitting and takes in the pier, old harbour and lighthouse. Having made our tour of the pier we headed across the machair towards the old harbour. The setting sun was reflected in the sky all around. Even the […]

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Hebridean Sunset

Today has been another sunny Autumn day. This evening’s sunset was breath taking. Starting at the Pier, Gott Bay. We move up Pier Road. With views towards Ben Hough. We then move down to the harbour, Scarinish. Mouseover for titles Double click for larger pictures    

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Gateway to Tiree

Tiree has its own Airport with improved daily links to Glasgow and flights to Oban on a Monday and a Wednesday. Apart from some of the mail and a limited number of passengers, everything else arrives and departs the island by ferry. Therefore ferry movements are of great interest to haulage contractors, visitors and residents. […]

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My Seat

By Where The Corncrake Cries Over the years we have had various chairs, seats and sofas, but I have never had one that I thought of as ‘my seat’.  There is one however that I often refer to as ‘my seat’ and it doesn’t even belong to me. In fact, it is dedicated to the […]

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What a Cracker!

Everyone is talking about it. It’s early March and 9 hours of coast to coast (or wall to wall) sunshine. “It’s always like this on Tiree” was the remark at the pier. This was said in view of the day that we had yesterday. The wind was gusting to 75mph for much of the day. Roof […]

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Tiree: Life on The Sunny Side

  Late afternoon, we have the opportunity to take our visitors to the east end of the island. We pass along the shore of Gott Bay and turn down to Milton with its attractive harbour. Stretching our legs, we find the cattle friendly and photogenic. Back in the car we follow the road round to […]

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Tiree: A Fascinating View

Earlier in the month we passed this small harbour near Baugh when some men were working on their boats. The cattle were standing with their heads leaning over the fence. We were convinced they were watching the men. Late the is afternoon we stopped at the same spot to capture the rainbow. Was the cow […]

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Adventure at Sea

Tiree Maritime Trust have not only had the Noust doubled in size, they organised Saturday’s event ‘Sail Around Tiree’. With crews fully briefed and safety boats in readiness, the Daisy (blue boat) and the Morag Ann (red) left Scarinish Old Harbour and set sail in anti-clockwise direction heading towards Manuel and the Gunna Sound. It […]

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