The Week The Sun Shone

A’Bhuain Tiree’s Home Coming Event. For the whole week the sun shone every day. The island lived up to its reputation of being Scotland’s Sunshine Capital. 2006 -2016 – 2026. That’s it for another 10 years. A’ Bhuain was from Monday to Friday. Today, Saturday, many were making their way home. Scotland, England, France, Switzerland, Canada, […]

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A Harrowing Tale . . .

They arrived almost together for their tryst, but they parted separately. As the ‘Princess’ crept away the Haar slowly enveloped her. The Clansman had no time to stay around waiting. The sun continues to beat down! This is Tiree! Bells ring. Ropes are thrown. She backs away. Quietly the (Hebridean) princess slips away The cows keep […]

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Hebridean Farewell To Eileanan Innse Gall

Throughout the domain that’s known as Caledonian MacBrayne there have been many operational issues over the 2013/2014 winter timetable. Many advertised sailings, more than would normally be expected, have been delayed or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. Ferries have suffered collision damage, having struck piers and breakwaters. Other ferries have returned from their annual […]

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