Of Humble Origins

As we were walking over the Machair we saw her in the distance. Progressing south in the ‘Passage of Tiree’ was a ship. She appeared to be making her way towards Gott Bay. As she drew closer it was easier to identify her. The vessel was the ‘Hebridean Princess’. The operators of the ‘Hebridean Princess’ […]

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Home And Away

The Tiree Wave Classic is over for another year. Many of the surfers left the island over the weekend. Although some are still present the island feels much quieter. This is particularly noticeable as you negotiate our single track roads. Today marked the start of the ferry’s winter timetable. This means there is no ferry on a Wednesday or […]

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The Clansman And A Princess

‘The Mighty Clansman and a Hebridean Princess’. It sounds like a folk tale. It even has a Hebridean ring to it. The tale begins at Gott Bay, the Isle of Tiree. 

It is Monday the 15th October 2018. At 8:45 the Hebridean Princess slipped into Gott Bay. And at 8:55 she berthed alongside the pier […]

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“What A Weekend!”

It was a long weekend with a difference. The difference was the wonderful weather. The weather many are hoping for next weekend. Next weekend is the Early May Bank Holiday and Tiree 10k. The forecast for much of the UK had been ominous. ‘High winds and a month’s rainfall in a day.’ In fact it […]

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A Royal Occasion

With an onward journey from Glasgow for our son we kept a watchful eye on the plane’s arrival time at Tiree and thankfully its arrival and departure was according to schedule. With our son safely away we had a relaxing cup of coffee. After that it was to be lunch at Tiree Tots’ Easter Fayre. The […]

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The Clansman and the Princess

‘The Clansman and the Hebridean Princess’ sounds like a tale from Tiree’s mythology; it is in fact a record of the visit of two vessels from different eras in the history of modern day shipping on the west coast of Scotland. With the petrol pumps dry at the island’s only garage and Friday’s sailing cancelled […]

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A Harrowing Tale . . .

They arrived almost together for their tryst, but they parted separately. As the ‘Princess’ crept away the Haar slowly enveloped her. The Clansman had no time to stay around waiting. The sun continues to beat down! This is Tiree! Bells ring. Ropes are thrown. She backs away. Quietly the (Hebridean) princess slips away The cows keep […]

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The Clansman and The Princess

A Perfect Match. This is not the latest novel by a Hebridean Publishing House. It was a royal reunion in Gott Bat, Isle of Tiree. What a glorious morning for the occasion. In galleries double click for larger pictures Mouse-over for titles. The Clansman keeps the Princess waiting! The Mighty Clansman and the Hebridean Princess […]

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Tiree: 50 years at Sea

26 years ago this month, one of the best loved steamers of these islands, MV Columba, was retired from service at the end of the 1988 summer season after 24 years with Caledonian MacBrayne and David MacBrayne Ltd. She had revolutionised travel to Mull, and had served on every main route in the Western Isles […]

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