On A Wild April Day

DANI GARAVELLI wrote in ‘The Scotsman’ ‘If your home is in the Hebrides, CalMac is woven into the fabric of your life and every disruption to its service has a consequence.’ The writer states, ‘When you rely on a service for your quality of life, your feelings are more complex than those of the occasional […]

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A Windy Weekend

November on Tiree began with a windy weekend. On Friday evening the wind began to ramp up. At midnight the gusts reached 59mph. The gusts began to steadily drop. By the morning they were in the 40s And so it continued for most of the day. Earlier in the week the Livestock Sale on Tiree […]

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Skillful Team Effort

There was an adverse weather forecast of winds gusting to over 45 mph. The MV Clansman was sailing to Tiree under a revised timetable. The ferry departed Oban at 6:15am sailing directly to Tiree. She berthed at Tiree at 9:32am. The weather photograph only tells part of the picture. The SE Wind was gusting up […]

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So Quiet

On the Isle of Tiree it can be so quiet that you notice noise. You are aware of a tractor working in a nearby field. You are aware of someone cutting their grass. You look up when you hear the daily flights. Otherwise is it an ambulance plane? If you live in a city there […]

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We have nothing but admiration: Admiration for Tiree’s courageous Pier Staff. Admiration for the skipper and crew of the MV Clansman. In galleries mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger photographs The weather forecast was looking bleak for Monday’s sailing. It was a statement and not a question. “You will be here on Monday!” On Sunday […]

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Autumnal ‘Appenings

What a week! It’s been a real talking point. Amazing Sunrises and Sunsets. Sunshine and Strong South Easterly winds. And we are just over half way through the week. The ferry was given the green light over the weekend. With an amber light for Monday many travellers sailed on Sunday. It was indeed a wise decision […]

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A Stormy Pier View

It’s been a stormy day throughout much of Scotland. On the West Coast many ferry sailings have been cancelled. Tiree has not escaped the strong winds and powerful waves. The Sunday Sailing from and to Oban suffered as a consequence. Daylight hours have been characterised by driving rain showers. At times our west facing window […]

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A Leap Backwards

Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have thirty-one, except February alone, Which has 28 days . . . and 29 each Leap Year. Our calendar does not exactly correspond to the earth’s orbit around the sun. In a ‘common’ year the calendar advances by one day each year. But in a leap year the […]

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Breath Taking

She did it! The MV Clansman certainly deserves her appellative “The Mighty One”. With adverse weather forecast she was operating to a revised timetable. She left the Ferry Terminal at Oban at 5:45  (1 hour and 30 minutes early). After safely berthing at Coll she set to sea bound for Gott Bay, Tiree. Driving rain and low […]

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High Summer

  According to the dictionary the definition of ‘high summer’ is the hottest part of the summer. This year ‘high summer’ in Scotland could be defined as high winds and high tides. With weather more reminiscent of October it has been cold and damp with occasional sunny days. However, with winds being predominantly from the […]

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