Lag na Cleite

‘Happy Valley’ – Isle of Tiree. It is almost five years since we first walked to Lag na Cleite
. We had just moved to Tiree and it was probably our very first walk.. The previous year, when on holiday, we had explored other areas. Our son, who had assisted with the removal, accompanied us on […]

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Tremendous Tiree Tour

Thank you to the S2 and S3 pupils of Tiree High School for such a polished, professional tour of the island on a day of rather inclement weather. Mr Derek Campbell provided a warm welcome. The first of the pupils gave his well researched presentation. His theme was the British Minesweeping Trawler ‘HMS Tiree’. Pupils […]

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West End Safari

With a visitor in residence there are some places you must take them and so this afternoon we headed to the West End. First we enjoyed lunch at the Farmhouse Cafe. (Bright surroundings, great service and wholesome food.) Then it was out to meet the bull-calf going to Stirling on May 1st. All the best […]

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Storm Barbara

Storm Barbara has been buffeting the island throughout the day. As daylight began to appear the force of the wind began to rise. This afternoon gusts were officially recorded at 70mph. On the eve of the storm Balephetrish beach and bay In the afternoon we headed west on a photo tour of the island. The starting […]

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Historic Hynish

It’s Tuesday and it’s wet and windy. What a contrast with Monday when it was sunny and calm. After an early morning shower it turned out a beautiful November day. You don’t need an excuse to go out for coffee and cake. But with visitors staying we took the opportunity to go to Hynish. We […]

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Thatch with a view

With it sunny the decision was made to head towards the West End of the island. Our guests chose to have coffee at the Farmhouse Cafe at Balemartine. The cafe is a light, bright, cheery place to enjoy coffee or lunch. Refreshed we made our way to Hynish. The fishing boat ‘Strenuous’ is normally tied up at […]

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Out West

This evening the opportunity was there to head out west. The idea was to capture the setting sun. Sandaig here we come. The sun was casting a glow all around. Ben Hynish, Kenavara, The Maze, Skerryvore and More Double click in galleries for larger pictures Then what we came for – the sunset A Sandaig Special.

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An Island For All Seasons

Yesterday Tiree was the sunniest place in Strathclyde. It was a day when you needed sunglasses – Especially as the sun began to set. What a contrast today. With a driver to hand the decision was made to go east to Milton. Could we make it in time to photograph the ferry? The Passage of Tiree […]

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Quite Frankly . . .

Which weather forecast do you believe? Or, to put it another way, which forecast is the most accurate? Living on an island on the edge of Europe, off the West Coast of Scotland, 4 hours out into the Atlantic Ocean, we are certainly conscious of the weather. It is often the sunniest place in the […]

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High Water

With the clocks no longer on British Summer Time, daylight hours are markedly shorter, especially in the afternoon. As darkness began to set, we took the opportunity to see the effect the strong wind was having on the waves at high tide. With the wind coming from a southerly direction the swell was driving up the […]

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