Of Humble Origins

As we were walking over the Machair we saw her in the distance. Progressing south in the ‘Passage of Tiree’ was a ship. She appeared to be making her way towards Gott Bay. As she drew closer it was easier to identify her. The vessel was the ‘Hebridean Princess’. The operators of the ‘Hebridean Princess’ […]

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Celebrating With Gratitude

Life on Tiree is almost 5 years old. The story began when we moved to the island. It was as the name suggests about our life on Tiree. Many friends wanted to know what island life was like. Especially when Tiree is about 4 hours by ferry from the Mainland. The Ordinance Survey lists Tiree […]

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There and Back

There and back. Out and In. However you put it, living on island means that travelling to the Mainland requires you taking a ferry or a plane. A bridge to Tiree would be a bridge too far. (Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger pictures)   Thankfully this year Tiree has better connections by ferry and by […]

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Living Stones

A relic according to the Oxford Dictionary is ’an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical interest’. There are several surviving church buildings that fit that category. There is Saint Patrick’s Temple which is situated on the Balephuil Bay side of Kenavara. The remains are of a medieval building that is thought […]

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Tiree: Life on the Edge

With high wind speeds forecast for the coming week and especially on Thursday, when it could gust up to 70mph, or more, a quote from the book “Restoring the Broken Chord” by Michael Mitton seems most timely. How appropriate present reading can be . . . “Many Celtic communities were formed in wild and remote […]

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Trains, Trees And Townships

[Mouse over the photographs for titles and as usual if you click on one of the photos you will get a slideshow of larger photographs.] 7.50 and it is if a letterbox is opened, giving a hint of sunrise and what a glorious sunrise it is. 8.28 and it is officially sunrise here on the Isle of Tiree, […]

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