The Journey

It’s an exciting, stimulating, challenging and encouraging two days with ‘followers of Jesus’ from all around Scotland and beyond. The evening celebration is the climax of the time spent together in the Civic Centre in Motherwell. With goodbyes said we take the time to enjoy chat over a cuppa and chips with some friends. Then […]

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It’s True

Christians are the people of the resurrection. Here on Tiree, along with millions around the world, we remember on Good Friday that Jesus died on the Cross outside the City of Jerusalem and that through a personal faith in him, we are put right with God. Thus, Good Friday is not a memorial, it is […]

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We Should Have Listened!

We Should Have Listened! We should have listened to the climate change scientists. Thankfully, like the former residents of St Kilda, most of the population of Coll and Tiree were evacuated in time. All that remains now of the beautiful Isle of Tiree is the Isle of Hynish (a former Ben) and a few skerries. […]

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Signs Pointing The Way

New Road Signs are appearing all over the island. Posts have been erected at some passing places, although they still await the usual diamond sign. (Tiree’s roads are basically single track.) There are some new cattle grid signs, some new signs at road junctions in Gaelic and English, and some new township signs helpfully in […]

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Let Me Live

The Isle of Tiree is unique among the Inner Hebrides. Big wide skies, beautiful beaches, bird song and machair all make the island so special. I can think of so many reasons why anyone might declare, “Let me live!” “Let me live to see the elusive corncrake.” “Let me live to see the sunrise.” “Let […]

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