It’s January

Yes! It’s January. How we appreciate the hours of daylight. They are short in number but are much appreciated. Yes! It’s January. Flashes of colour are like gems. Whether they be in the sky above or the surrounding sea. Early flowering blooms in the garden are a point of conversation. A January Sunrise over the […]

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The Evening Sky

With the light beginning to fade fast we decided to go for a walk. It turned out to be a Sunday evening stroll through Scarinish. No need to take the camera we would not be out long. Mistake! From our home we walked out as far as Tigh A Rudha Eventide Home. The setting sun […]

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Thankfully Spared

Well! Did it snow on Tiree? Unlike may parts of the country Tiree was not covered by a blanket of snow. We have had just a sprinkling of snow. We have had several intense hail laden squalls. They tried their hardest to impersonate snow but failed. Nevertheless, it was exciting to wake up to a […]

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Chocolate For Breakfast

‘Chocolate for Breakfast’ Take your pick, a bar, a box or drinking. Sunrise from our south facing windows was like an advert for chocolate. With the sun just over the horizon the Paps of Jura added the final touch. !(In galleries mouseover for captions and double click for larger pictures) At coffee we observed for the […]

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Room with a View

This morning we woke to the sound of the wind. It was even louder in our living room. The roof slates were dancing. Gertrude! Yet what a view from our south facing windows. What it is to have rooms with a view. And not just when the sky is blue. At first light we could […]

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After The Eclipse

The morning began so unpromising with grey, overcast skies and with little hope of witnessing the eclipse other than on television. (See Tiree’s Solar Eclipse.) Then just at the right time and at the right area of the sky, the clouds parted sufficiently to afford a spectacular view of the eclipse. Not only were we […]

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Remains of the Day

Supper over and with the sun dying in the west there was the opportunity to record the remains of the day. Daylight hours are lengthening and there is now a real sense of the ‘gloaming’. Somehow I seemed to loose track of time as I walked first to the pier and then across the machair to […]

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Basic but Essential Utilities

Surrounded By The Sea The Isle of Tiree is about 23 miles from Ardnamurchan,  the nearest point on the Scottish Mainland. However, the island is about 4 hours from the port of Oban. Ferries coming to Tiree have to navigate the Sound of Mull before crossing to Coll and then sailing down the Passage of […]

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