Tiree: A Fresh Perspective

Thankfully on Tiree we have been spared the hazardous driving conditions being experienced by many on the Mainland. For the past six days we have had high winds and powerful waves but no blizzards, drifts or sheet ice. Although the photographs give the impression of snow, it is in fact hail. Today, we have had a […]

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Tiree: A Hebridean Jewel

Once again we wake up to a sun filled day with hardly a breath of wind.- not ideal for those here for  the surfing, but ideal for photographing. So come walk with me and enjoy the Autumn views whether close to hand or more distant horizons. With our ‘Wide Skies’ and Big Horizons’ you are conscious […]

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Tiree: A Milestone

August 2014 is an important milestone marking the first birthday of this blog and the first anniversary of our arriving on Tiree. Over the past months we have settled into ‘Life On Tiree’. Although in many ways it is very different from life on the Mainland, in other ways it is very much ‘a microcosm […]

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