After last week’s sunshine the forecast was not promising. Thankfully the day has much improved as it has gone on. First thing it looked as it it might rain all day. When we set out to meet with the church family at An Talla (Crossapol) the car’s windscreen wipers were certainly kept busy. Looking to […]

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The 14th of November 2016 is the date of the next super-moon. This is the closest the moon will have been to the earth since 1948. And it will be approximately 20 years until it appears this close again. The weather forecast hints at cloud cover for the 14th of November.. Thankfully there are clear […]

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Tiree Remembers

3:00pm Saturday, 12th November and Tiree pauses to remember and reflect in an act of remembrance at the Memorial, Pier Road. To remember those who have lived and died in the service of others in two world wars and in the many conflicts since then. To remember also those who today continue to suffer as a result […]

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When Blue Gives Way

The setting is the sky above Gott Bay. The theme is when ‘Blue Gives Way’. It is Sundown. Our west facing window acts like a magnet at sundown. There only has to be a hint of a sunset to draw one outside. Thursday’s blue sky was to give way to shades of yellow and red […]

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Wanting The Best

Our visitors arrive on Saturday morning’s ferry. You want them to see Tiree at its best. Blue skies and seas are on order. Today has provided sunshine and showers. At times the weather has been warm and bright. At other times dark clouds and heavy showers have swept over. The weather forecast is not promising. […]

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A Wee Reminder

It is Sunday Andy Murray has won the Men’s Singles at Queens. Even more significant is is wet and windy on the Isle of Tiree. Strange, after at least five weeks, if not six , of blue skies and seas. A wee reminder it can be wet and windy on Tiree. The stock on the island certainly […]

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Do you like Butter?

Do you remember taking a buttercup, placing it under someone’s chin and asking, “Do you like butter?” “Butter or margarine?” – that’s the question today. However, there is no doubting the abundance of wild flowers. The flora are responding to the bright warm sunshine we are enjoying. In the evening you can see many of them closing […]

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Azure is a variation of blue that is often described as the color of the sky on a clear summer’s day. As if to prove the point this morning’s flight made its final approach Tiree airport by over-flying the CalMac ferry basking under azure blue skies. So may different shades of blue blending together. Perhaps […]

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Tiree Transformed

It may be the end of April but it it’s snow joke. It’s for real! (Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger pictures in galleries) Drawing back the curtains is shocking. Tiree is transformed. It is a whiteout! Tiree has been transformed into snowy wonderland. You cannot say winter wonderland. It’s April – it’s springtime. It’s snowing […]

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The Sounds of Sunset

Tiree specialises in spectacular sunsets. Low lying and with big skies no matter where you live on the island sunsets are special.  At the west end of the island the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean, here on the east we have the ‘Big Bay’ (Gott Bay) and the Passage of Tiree. Coming and going […]

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