A Nautical Theme

It must have been around 10am that a caller at our home enquired about an unusual ferry berthed at the pier. A quick look at Marine Traffic confirmed that the vessel was the Hebridean Princess.  Built as a ferry she no longer operates in that capacity as after a refit in 1989 she emerged as […]

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It was our son’s last day on Tiree before returning to his home well south of the Scottish border. He wanted to make the most of the time remaining and chose to go for a walk along the sand at Gott Bay. It was late afternoon, around 4:45pm, just in time to see the MV […]

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Ships and Boats

It was Wednesday afternoon. We might have missed it – but we didn’t. We were all together in our living-room. The cry went up, “Look! Look out the window!” The vessel seemed so close. As a result it appeared rather large. It was the Northern Lighthouse vessel ‘Pharos’. We had an appointment at Heylipol. As […]

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In the Light of Duty

Those who live on the Hebridean Islands off Scotland’s West Coast have a close connection with the sea. Consciously or unconsciously, we are dependent upon the work of the Northern Lighthouse Board whose principal concern is with safety – the safety of the mariner at sea and the safety of the people they employ in […]

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A Vital Service

Opening the curtains this morning I was aware of two hares close to the house. Then there were the birds flying here and there getting breakfast for their young. Then this afternoon, not long after lunch, happening to glance seaward out of our window, I saw the outline of the Norther Lighthouse Vessel Pharos. Having […]

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