Sunrise To Sunset

Yet another truly beautiful day on the Isle of Tiree. From dawn to dusk there has been sunshine. There has hardly been a cloud in the sky. Any clouds have just been wispy. We woke to the orange glow of first light. The view to the south was of the Paps Jura Who could resist […]

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Tiree: A Sunny Thursday Morning

These days, the sun rises increasingly late over Tiree and sets increasingly early. Unusually, for a Thursday, it is calm and bright – quite a contrast indeed! It is a delight to walk, even if the hours of daylight are restricted. A favourite walk takes in the old harbour at Scarinish, the lighthouse, the machair and […]

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Breath Taking Panorama

In March a member of the Air Crew announced, “Welcome to this flight to the Bahamas! Well if it was only 20 degrees warmer.” Today it is 20 degrees warmer and it looks and even feels like it” What a place to live and work. And this was just a walk to the shop – […]

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