Dancing Feet

I woke up this morning with dancing feet, dancing feet, dancing feet. I woke up this morning with dancing feet and I danced all day long. God made my feet – God made my toes God made my fingers – God made my nose God made my eyes so I can see I’m glad that […]

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Hebridean Delight

Easter Monday brought with it bright, relatively warm, sunshine. At lunchtime we had a responsibility that took us across the island. The day and the trip were a reminder of the delight of living in the Hebrides. Tiree is the most westerly of the Inner Hebrides. It is also low lying with three main areas […]

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Heart of the Hebrides

On a day such as today Tiree feels at the very heart of the Hebrides. The weather has been bright, but cloudy, with surprising views. Distant islands were concertinaed into one another. Tiree is the most westerly of the Inner Hebrides. The official website isleoftiree.com states: One of the Inner Hebrides, Tiree is twenty-two miles west of […]

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A Flying Visit

A flying visit is a most apt description. No sooner back on the island and I have to fly off. I have to keep a long standing appointment in Glasgow. This morning was proof that daylight hours are getting longer. With the curtains drawn back we were treated to a great sunrise. The wind was […]

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It may feel like a rerun but no two performances are identical. Yes! The sun rises and the sun sets every day. But! Each sunrise and each sunset is unique. Some days you do not witness it all. Other days it is dramatic. Today’s encore was difference from yesterday’s performance. There were certain similarities but […]

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It is difficult not to talk about the weather. It’s November and yet the weather is so still. Out of 6 days thus far five of them have been calm. Only on 1 out of the 6 days have we had any significant wind. Add to that, the fact it has been bright and sunny […]

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Dawn Awakens

As daylight hours shorten dawn comes later. No longer do you have to rise before 4:00 to witness sunrise. Before the sun rose above the Scarinish Headland on Tiree dawn awakened. How thankful we are to have windows that face north, south and west. At this time of the year the sunrise streams in our […]

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Gala Day Blues

October 1st, 2016. Tiree High School Gala Day. The weather could not have been better. Bright blue sky all day and it was warm for the occasion. On Gala Day the neighbouring islands stood out so clearly. Walking down from the Post Office to the old harbour the Paps of Jura were framed by the […]

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Baugh A Sunset

With a holiday club taking place at Baugh it provided an opportunity to a Baugh a sunset. (As you probably know Baugh is pronounced Bag). Monday the 1st of August was a most memorable sky. (Galleries – mouseover for captions, double click for larger pictures) Neighbouring islands stood out in the setting sun. The Dutchman’s […]

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Baugh A View

The crofting township of Baugh affords a truly beautiful outlook. The slight rise in the road gives an elevated view all round. A view that encompasses the neighbouring islands. Yes! Stop and Baugh a View. (Baugh pronounced Bag) Where else does a walk to the Doctor’s Surgery include such views? Views that take in the […]

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