Hail The Clansman

With friends leaving the island on the Thursday ferry, and no boat since Sunday, a visit to the pier was a must. As the vessel came into sight, to our surprise the outline was that of the ‘Clansman’ and not that of the ‘Lord of the Isles’ – the latter being the ferry normally rostered […]

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Gott Bay a Busy Bay

In the summer months those making their way to Tiree have the benefit of an afternoon crossing – 14:45 rather than 8:15 or even 5:45!  The Tuesday evening ferry is timetabled to arrive at 18:35 but was about 15 minutes late, no doubt due to the volume of traffic. The pier felt busy and not […]

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Where Time is hard to tell.

It’s hard to gauge the time when the sun rises at 4:40 and sets at 22:12. What makes it even more difficult is that it remains light long after the sun has set. So it feels perfectly normal to go for a walk, when in the winter you might be considering bed. In the winter […]

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Tiree’s Pier View

The garden called Tiree begins at the Pier, Scarinish, and extends throughout the island. Those arriving at Tiree by car perhaps cover more miles but in fact often see less than those arriving as foot passengers. The garden doesn’t just begin at the Pier it begins on the Pier (strictly speaking the approach to the pier). Those […]

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Tiree and Loti’s Tale

I was originally timetabled to leave Oban on Thursday morning at 7.15am, with an arrival at Scarinish, Isle of Tiree for 11:15am. With adverse weather forecast, it was decided that I would not leave Oban until 1.00pm. At the time the decision was made it was thought I would visit the Island of Coll, but […]

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Pier View

You would imagine that the residents in ‘Pier View’ would have a clear view of the pier. In fact, few have any view of it. Both Glebe House and the Manse have a good view of it and even friends in Heylipol can see the MV Clansman at the pier. However the best view of […]

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After ‘The After Glow’

It is hard to imagine that about 18 hours ago I was standing on the Pier capturing ‘the after glow‘. Today it would have been foolhardy to venture there. The wind was gusting to 64mph, the waves were lashing the pier from a south easterly direction and the swell was impressive as rolled the length […]

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“Where’s LOTI?”

Not “Where’s Wally?” as in the popular series of books featuring the boy with his distinctive red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses. Rather “Where’s LOTI?” featuring the CalMac ferry with its distinctive red funnels, black and white super-structure and lift gear and otherwise known as “MV Lord of the Isles”. The fact is you can […]

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The Difference A Year Makes

This day last year was to say the least stormy. There were only two more sleeps until Christmas Day and with a heroic effort the MV ‘Hebridean Isles’ berthed at Tiree. The occasion is imprinted on my memory. In contrast, today, although the sailing was on an amber alert, there was no difficulty in berthing. […]

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