Another Milestone

Thursday 22nd August 2013“On the Thursday morning (August 22nd) we sail at 8.15, although we have to be at the terminal at least 45 minutes earlier. The ferry is timetabled to arrive at Tiree at 12 noon. Then begins the task of unloading the van and the process of settling into our new home.” Much […]

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Ghost Ship

What was that? Did you hear it? It sounded like a ship’s horn. And it could be heard over most of the island. There is goes again! Yet there was no sign of the ferry. Then gradually she slipped out of the mist. Probably less than 100 metres from the end of the pier. (In […]

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Snowfall and Spindrift

It may only be a sprinkling to you, but here on Tiree we woke up to a snowfall. In fact, it is the second time in as many weeks. As they announce in the weather forecast, ‘even down to sea level’. The amount of snow varied across the island. For most it was a mixture […]

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Plane or Ferry

Unlike the Mainland, where you can leave your home and head off to a nearby town or city as you wish, if you are travelling from Tiree you have to plan your trip and leave by ferry or plane. Thankfully there are now two planes a day Monday to Friday and one plane on both […]

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