It’s Sale Day

25 February, 2020  Sale of store cattle of all classes Tiree Rural Centre, Crossapol, Tiree Throughout the day dramatic dark skies alternated with blue sky and soft white clouds. The Sale had originally been scheduled for Saturday the 15th of February but it had to be delayed until today because of ferry cancellations. There are […]

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“Pier Times”

It is Sale Day on Tiree And If you go down to the pier today You just never know who you might meet. We were standing with friends booked on the morning crossing. At that point someone walked up and introduced themselves. They had a name that I was familiar with online. ‘Peter Windnwaves’. He […]

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The Sale

Sheep are an important part of life on Tiree. We just have to look out of our windows to see sheep. When walking, cycling or driving you need to be aware of them. On occasions they occupy the road and are reluctant to move out of the way. The start of sale traffic arriving on the […]

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Going! Going! Gone!

Before the sun had even given a hint of rising on Saturday the 14th of February, the MV Hebrides cast its ropes and departed Oban for Coll and Tiree. The 05:30 departure was down to the alternative timetable in operation due to the livestock sale on Tiree. After the scheduled call at Coll the vessel […]

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Tiree: Night Scene

It was just before midnight that the Clansman berthed and after midnight when she departed for Oban. Earlier in the day the Annual Sale of 5000 cross bred lambsand sale of suckled calves, store cattle, cows etc  had taken place at the Rural Centre. CalMac provided an extra sailing and the occasion gave the opportunity to see the new pier lights […]

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Tomorrow, 15th August, is a significant date on the island. On that date, the Rural Centre is the venue for the Annual Sale of 5000 cross bred lambs and sale of suckled calves, store cattle, cows etc. Today, saw some early arrivals on the weekly Oban-Coll-Tiree-Barra sailing. However, my visit to the pier, early tomorrow will be to […]


Up For Auction

This week saw the first Livestock Auction of the year on Tiree. This was the early spring sale of cattle. It was advertised for Saturday (15.02.14) but the ferry sailing was cancelled resulting in the cancellation of the Auction. Rescheduled, it took place on Thursday (20.02.14) and thankfully the ferry was able to make both […]

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